Specialized Turbo Levo Flo Red / Black 2020 S

Specialized Turbo Levo Flo Red / Black 2020 - E-Mountainbike: The new Turbo Levo brings the most advanced eMTB frame motor and battery technology to as many riders as possible. We've taken our advanced M5 alloy chassis and the smoothest and most powerful motor on the market and paired them with the most value-packed drivetrain suspension and brake components available. The result is a bike that puts plenty of high-dollar eMTBs to shame. ROWDY DESCENTS. STEEP CLIMBS? HELL. YES. The Turbo Levo is a fully-fledged progressive trail bike. We've lengthened the reach kept the chainstays nice and short and maintained a low center of gravity. Next we slackened the head angle for more confident descents and steepened the seat angle to improve climbing efficiency. It's dialed. MORE POWER MORE RANGE The Levo's Specialized 2.1 motor amplifies your pedaling input by a mind blowing 410%. Our M2 batteries provides you with plenty of range. What's more our Mission Control App can handle battery management automatically ensuring your battery will last as long as you need it to. More power. More miles per ride. More awesome. M5 alloy Sidearm frame offers outstanding ride quality and control. Smoothest most powerful motor on the market. 150mm of suspension front and rear courtesy of RockShox.
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